Specialty Risks Practice

We are a wholesale broker, and offer placements both on an insurance and reinsurance basis, working with a multitude of partners across Asia.

Within our Specialty Risks Practice we offer a broad range of expertise both local and global, mainly covering Third Party Liability Risks across the Commercial and Financial institution sectors across Asia. The Practice covers a broad spectrum of risk classes, which include Financial & Professional, Casualty, Alternative Risk Transfers & Affinity, Portfolio Solutions for Accident & Health, Manufacturers & Extended Warranties, and Intellectual Property Covers.

With offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan, we work across all the key territories in Asia, and have a diversified portfolio of clientele, across a broad range of institutions including: asset managers, funds, financial exchanges, retail and commercial banks, private equity & venture capital firms, private banks, trust companies, travel agents, recruitment companies, industrial, renewable energy and food & beverage manufacturers, hotel chains and even insurance companies.

Financial and Professional Risks

We offer global broking solutions across the spectrum of Financial and Professional lines products, minimising those risks that impact the company’s financial health and wellbeing.



Our Casualty risk classes include Combined General Liability, Product Liability, Product Recall, Manufacturing Errors & Omission and Environmental Liability, to name a few.

Intellectual Property Covers

Designed to cover risks specifically arising out of Intellectual Property. This cover is a lovely ‘add-on’ to any existing Professional Indemnity cover in place. If an insured holds any IP/Patents, this could be a great additional cover and at no real extra expense. IP covers offer a 1st party protection, where you the insured, can actively pursue another party for infringing on your IP.

ART’s & Affinity

Working with select partners, we can help facilitate and structure tailored solutions, which allow companies to purchase coverage and transfer risk without having to use traditional insurance modes – prevalent within the renewable energy space.

Some examples include:

Portfolio Solutions for Accident & Health – we can structure deals, that provides coverage for accidental death, permanent disability, infectious diseases, travel and more. Preference to work across a company’s portfolio for Group covers, or a Banks existing customer base where we can offer them extra benefits, such as via a Credit Card offering.

    Manufacturers & Extended Warranties - covers all or some of the cost of certain repairs after the standard factory warranty expires – applicable across Commercial, Financial and Renewable Energy sectors. We work with specialist markets and offer end-to-end solutions.

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